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Starlink Installer Service

You need to order a starlink package first and choose a bracket for mounting and check your eircode for availability in your area.


Please Visit the link below to check availability.



What is Starlink?

Starlink is a satellite constellation system that aims to deliver global internet coverage. This system is ideally suited for rural and geographically isolated areas where internet connectivity is unreliable or nonexistent.

How does Starlink work?

Starlink operates on a satellite internet service technology that has existed for decades. Instead of using cable technology, such as fiber optics to transmit internet data, a satellite system uses radio signals through the vacuum of space. Ground stations broadcast signals to satellites in orbits, which in turn relay the data back to the Starlink users on Earth.

  • Instead of using a couple of large satellites, Starlink uses thousands of small satellites.

  • Starlink uses LEO satellites that circle the planet at only 300 miles above surface level. This shortened geostationary orbit improves internet speeds and reduces latency levels.

  • The newest Starlink satellites have laser communication elements to transmit signals between satellites, reducing dependency on multiple ground stations.

  • SpaceX aims to launch as many as 40,000 satellites in the near future, ensuring global and remote satellite coverage with reduced service outages.

How fast are Starlink's internet speeds?

Starlink offers unlimited high-speed data through an array of small satellites that deliver up to 150 Megabits per second (Mbps) of internet speed. SpaceX plans to double this rate in the coming months.

How much is a Starlink Installation?

We charge 299e to install and setup your Starlink. We can link your Starlink to an exisiting system in your home or business. For example if you have a mesh system installed or you have ethernet cables running to various rooms in your home or business. Starlink will become your main Wifi and distributed all around your premises.

How to order a Starlink installation?


Please make a booking online at the link below and choose a time and date that suits.







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