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Wifi Booster Installations

Do you have wifi blackspots in your home or business? We can fix that issue for you by installing a wifi booster system in your home or business.

We have 2 options to choose from. We can install a mesh system which does not require any extra wires installed.


We can install in wall wifi units in each room which would require running extra cat 6 cable. This option is more suited to renovated houses so as we can hide the cables behind the walls during renovation.

Options are available for all types of Wifi issues.

We also install & setup Starlink and can mount them  on your home or business premises. 




Wifi Services
  • Wifi Booster Installs

  • Starlink Installation

  • Business Wifi Booster Installs

  • Airbnb Wifi Booster Installs

  • Hotel Wifi Booster Installs

  • Pub Wifi Booster Installs​

  • Beer Garden Booster Installs​

  • Attic Wifi Booster Installs​

  • Restaurant Wifi Booster Installs​

  • Church Wifi Booster Instals

  • Office Wifi Booster Installs​

  • Building Site Wifi Booster Installs

  • Home Office WIfi Booster Installs

  • Games Room Wifi Installs

  • Outdoor Wifi Booster Installs

Wifi Booster Enquiries
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